Thursday, May 10, 2012

The President skirts the 'hood (again)

It always seems to happen this way (or at least it did the last time), but when President Obama comes to town and heads our direction, he never quite makes it into Madison Park proper. Yes, we can legitimately say that he traveled on Lake Washington Boulevard, which is the western/southern boundary of the neighborhood. But instead of turning up Madison and gracing us with his presence, he headed from the Arboretum on down to Denny Blaine for a fundraiser at the waterfront home of Ann and Bruce Blume (see video of his arrival here).  As far as we know, no one in the press (except for the Seattle Times) correctly called the neighborhood, however. It was variously described in news reports as Madrona, Madison Park, and even Broadmoor.  Well, all of these neighborhoods have a lot of potential rich contributors, and it's easy to get confused.

Say, look at this. Isn't the President's motorcade driving on the wrong side of the road?

Anyway, the President's arrival was either very exciting (for those people who showed up to cheer as he passed) or very irritating (for those many drivers stuck in traffic delays resulting from blocked roads due to security).  Maybe next time he's in town he can turn east on Madison.  We're relatively friendly down here, after all.

Location of Obama fundraiser in Denny Blaine
[Thanks to David Berryman for taking these photos and to his partner David Chapman for forwarding them!]


  1. Ah, now, that explains why I spent an hour stuck in traffic that wasn't moving. One more reason to dislike the guy, even though I'll admit it's unfair in this case (it's not the person, is the diseconomy of the burden born by the thousands stuck in traffic for the benefit of one person who, really, might as well take a helicopter)

  2. If it's the place they showed in the PI, it actually is Broadmoor --

    1. I am astonished that anyone would take the word of the PI over that of the Madison Park Blogger! The PI is certainly off base in this case, since the proof is provided in the video link above. The video is shot from VIretta Park (next door to Kurt Cobain's one-time mansion), just south of our neighborhood, and shows the president arriving at the Blumes'. Definitely not Broadmoor.

    2. I love this -- the same brunch reportedly occurred in two different homes in five different neighborhoods! Gotta love the media -- good thing we have the Blogger!


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