Friday, August 26, 2011

Belle Epicurean gets the doors open

They're having a "soft opening" at Belle Epicurean starting today, one which will extent through Labor Day.  After that, according to co-owner/chef/creator Carolyn Ferguson, it's full speed ahead.   The neighborhood's latest food purveyor took on the space vacated by Island Video in March, but getting the new location up and running has taken a bit longer than planned.  Today was the day, however, and they're ready for business.  A few people had already found their way into the nicely refurbished space by the time we arrived a bit after noon--and everyone seemed happy with their new discovery.

Ferguson tells us that the cafe space is essentially completed, although there will be another month of work to do before patrons will see the fully finished interior.  The east side of the building, which is entirely separate right now from the completed space on the cafe side, will ultimately house a new concept for Belle Epicurean which they have branded Provisions.   There are some opportunities to extend the cafe's reach that simply could not be accommodated in the limited space of their downtown location, according to Ferguson.  The second side of their location here will allow for something new and fun, she promises.  The space will accomodate private parties and will, during regular hours, sell (what else?) provisions:  for example, frozen doughs of the various BE pastries, jars of the various BE condiments, and cake mixes (BE opera cake included).   At the top of the Provisons list: wines.

During the "soft opening" Belle Epicurean's hours will be: 8 am until 2 pm, today through Monday, and 8 am until 6 pm through Labor Day. After that, store hours will be 6 am until 8 pm Sunday through Wednesday and 6 am until 10 pm Thursday through Saturday.  The new location duplicates the pastries, sandwiches, rich desserts, and other items available in the original downtown location.  All of those foodie details are available right here.

[Belle Epicurean is located at 3109 E. Madison St.]

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