Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fence-removal process moving forward

It's been over two months since the Parks Board voted overwhelmingly to take the fence down at Swingset Park (aka Madison Park North Beach); but the fence, of course, is still there--just as useful and lovely as it ever was.  So, we wondered, what's the hang up? It seems that it's taken a bit more time than anticipated to get the process underway, since the Board committed to allowing the neighborhood to give formal input on how the fence is removed and what it's replaced with--if anything.

Seattle Parks & Recreation spokesperson Dewey Potter recently confirmed the makeup of the "working group" that will advise Parks on the process. The members are Knute Berger, Kenan Block, Edward Clark, Gail Irving, Colleen McMonagle, Shan Mullin, John Pettit, and Sam Smith.  This is supposed to be a balanced mix of people who were opposed to fence removal and those who were in favor. According to Susan Golub, one of two Parks staffers assigned to work with the neighborhood, "the timing [of fence removal], as well as what vegetation will be planted are subjects the working group will tackle." Two meetings will occur, she said, to discuss the issues and formulate a recommendation, the first to take place on March 6.  Once this process had been completed, "Parks staff will proceed to take the fence down."  In theory then, Swingset Park should be fence-free in time for Spring use.

The public will be invited to attend both meetings of the Working Group, Golub confirmed.  The exact time and location has yet to be determined.


  1. OK this is Seattle where we have to talk some more. Let's convene at a four way stop and see who backs down on the right of way. Hopefully there will not be a full stop and a reversal of decision in favor of leaving it afterall.

  2. Dear Mad Pk. N. Bch. Working Group: I hope you'll strongly advise the City of Seattle Parks Dept. to either put up warning signs about the rip rap located beyond where the current Mad. Pk. N. Bch. chain link fence is located. My understanding is there is a drop-off caused by the rip rap.

    And i suggest there be a simple definition of what rip rap means to distinguish it from the meaning of riff raff, which might be labeled as the folk who cowardly leave anonymous messages on this blog

  3. The working also needs to warn that the sky may fall when they take the fence down.

  4. Probably when they take the fence down, we'll be able to SEE that there's a drop-off. Just a thought.


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