Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Free truffles for everyone!

In the apparent belief that no neighborhood can have too many chocolate shops, Suess Chocolates & Pastries will open its doors in Madison Valley (2909-B East Madison) on May 1, just down the street from the popular Oh! Chocolate, located in Madison Court. But whereas Oh! Chocolate has a French take on the subject, Suess (pronounced zoose) will specialize in German chocolates, pastries, and coffee.

The name means “sweet” in German, and the owners (Dennis Haupt, David Hua and Karl Kim) say they intend to create a family-friendly atmosphere in their shop. According to their Facebook page, they are “committed to bringing back the fun in all things chocolate through interactive chocolate making for everyone big and small.” All chocolates and pastries will be made on site, they say; and there will also be free wireless for those who choose to hang around and soak in the chocolate atmosphere. Classes in hands-on chocolate making will be offered for both adults and children.

The party begins on May Day (Friday) at 9:00, with free truffles promised. Suess is located by CafĂ© Flora, next to Missi Lu. Store hours are Tuesday-Sunday, 9am – 7pm. For details check out their website:
[Photo courtesy of Suess Chocolates via their Facebook page.]

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