Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New preschool to open in the ‘hood

A new preschool called Bright! will be opening in Madison Park in June. Resident Glenn Ader, who has a background in preschool programs, says that the first session for the school will be a summer “camp” limited to eight kids. It starts June 22 and will run eight weeks during the hours from 9am to 1pm. Each week will be devoted to a different set of subjects (e.g. week one: gardening & nature, week eight: wilderness and outdoor fun).

The fall session will be open to ten kids and will also be a half-day morning program running on the same calendar as that of the Seattle Public Schools. Ader’s pitch: “We are a child centric school that focuses on child development through hands on experience. Play is a child's work!”

For more information, including details of this Saturday's open house, visit Bright!’s website: brightinthepark .

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