Friday, June 5, 2009

Free frozen custard on Saturday!

It’s not exactly a Madison Park story, but close enough. Besides, the punch line is just too good to pass up: Old School Frozen Custard (1316 E. Pike Street) will be giving it away for free at its grand opening on Saturday, June 6. From 3pm ‘til 10pm there will be a free single scoop cone of frozen custard for every comer. For those not in the know: frozen custard may look like soft ice cream but is quite a bit richer, containing at least 10% butterfat and 1.4% egg yoke by weight. The production method is also much different from that of ice cream, and you can read all about it on Old School's website:

The new store has had a soft opening all this week, and based on the lines it appears they have a winning product (it’s not free until the official opening). This is the second location for Old School, which has operated in its original store in Bonney Lake for almost two years.

As for the opening of the new Pike-at-Madison location, give the owners credit for good timing on the weather!

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