Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Girl injured jumping off diving board

Seattle Fire Department and Police units raced to the Madison Park beach late this afternoon to aid a girl who apparently hit her head while diving off one of the diving boards at the beach. It was unclear whether she hit her head on the diving board or became unconscious as a result of doing a belly flop into the water.

KOMO-TV, which provides the picture of the scene above, reported on its website this evening that the girl was not conscious after being rescued from the water by one of the lifeguards and had not regained consciousness after CPR was performed. However, a later report on KOMO's evening news stated that she was conscious before being transported to the hospital.


  1. I was swimming to the pontoon on the Lake. Swimming/wading towards the hand rails, I was above water and underwater, waiting to get on board the pontoon. A 20-25 pound rock/boulder hit me in the leg with intensity. When I got up on the pontoon, the girl in the row boat did nothing. I cannot call her a lifeguard. These kids where getting these huge rocks from the bottom of the Lake, putting them on the deck of the pontoon, then heaving them back into the Lake with arms above they're heads. Unbelievable. I was bleeding with a 2-3 inch gash just below the knee. The girl in the boat knew this, she watched this.

    I went to the girl in the boat to tell her she needs to get working, and stop these kids. No doubt at all, they could have killed somebody. If they had hit me on the head, I would have sunk to the bottom.

    Not only did the girl in the boat not do anything, when I asked her and bleeding all over the deck - she said she was "busy and working hard" I realized at that point, she was not qualified. She needs to PAY ATTENTION/BE AWARE to her surroundings.

    Was this really a rescue? Or was the person in the boat doing the same actions - not paying attention, tired and worked just a little too hard for her. I have a gut feeling that had they seen the girl hit her head, or the people trying to talk or yell to her. I am confident they ignored those yells as well. I hate to prejudge, but we might have had a different outcome for that poor little girl

    I have addressed this with the city.

  2. I was on the lawn at the park when it happened, from what I understand, a girl did a backflip off of the diving board and landed flat on her back (backflop?), knocking herself out. The lifeguards were very quick to respond-- someone rowed the boat to shore while someone else held the girl up in the water as the lifeguard gave her CPR. Once she was brought onshore, of course a bunch of people crowded around, but the lifeguards moved them away while clearing the hundreds of people out of the water, off of the pontoon, and onto the shore while they worked to give the girl CPR. Multiple people called 911, and she was revived and (from what I understand) was able to stand. I'm really glad this had a happy ending, but it was disturbing how many people ran up to look at someone who could have possibly been dead and started taking pictures or obviously calling friends and not 911.


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