Thursday, July 30, 2009

Which of these people called in sick today?

It seems that during this week’s unprecedented heat wave, the blog for virtually every Seattle neighborhood lucky enough to have a beach has featured at least one photo of overheated beach goers frolicking in cooling azure waters. So why should we be different?

Madison Park resident David Hutchins chose to forgo some or all of his frolicking in order to record the beach scene for us at Madison Park this afternoon (thanks Dave).

As far as we know, there were no sightings of Ursula Andress at the beach today, though there well may have been some "sugary eye candy" in evidence.


  1. is Dave H your new cub photographer -- like Jimmy Olson?

  2. I would have called you for the assignment, Bob, but I knew that I just couldn't afford your hourly rate.


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