Monday, August 31, 2009

Rover’s spawns new eatery

This is a little bit off of the Madison Park beat, but in case you missed the story of Rover’s owner Thierry Rautureau’s latest venture, the Capitol Hill Seattle blog has the details (click here). If you are one of Rautureau’s regulars, you’ve probably received an invitation to purchase $1,000 gift certificates to his as-yet-unopened Luc, which will be located next to Rover’s. Opening in early 2010, it’s supposed to have a more casual atmosphere than its stuffier French neighbor (there will be take out!).

You have to give Rautureau credit for novelty. His idea is to finance at least some of the cost of Luc with the proceeds of the pre-opening gift-certificate sales. If you’re ready to invest you may start the process by clicking here.

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