Thursday, September 3, 2009

Viewing the Park from different angles

For those of us who don’t get out on Lake Washington very often (if at all), here’s an opportunity to take a voyeuristic peak back at Madison Park from the water side. This is a photo sent to me by Mercer Island author Dave Dykstra, whose book, Lake Washington 130 Homes, I briefly reviewed earlier this summer. It shows the waterside mansion of Howard and Sheri Schultz in a shot taken during the summer. Here’s the property as it looks during the winter months:

Dykstra has a lot of other water-based Madison Park photos in his book, which is available at Ropa Bella.

If you are unfamiliar with Google Earth you are missing out on a free and fun program that you really should be exploring (assuming that your computer has the capacity to handle it). Here is a satellite image of Madison Park from 1 km in space (click to enlarge):

There are multiple locations within Madison Park where you can get a street-level view (this is also true if you are just using the map search function of Google). Here is the intersection of E. Lake Washington Blvd. and McGilvra Blvd. E., at the border of Madison Park and Denny-Blaine (you can pan this 360 degrees):

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Seattle panoramic photographer Bradford Bohonus also has some interesting 360 degree views of Madison Park on his site, This is his shot of Madison Park Beach on an early autumn day:

On his webpage you can pan this photo, as well as four others in the neighborhood. He also has several nice views of the Arboretum.

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