Saturday, October 10, 2009

Don't leave checks in the mailbox!

There have been multiple reports in the last week of mail being stolen from the porches and mailboxes of residences in the area. As a result, our mail carrier has suggested that we not leave our mail out to be picked up, at least for the time being.

One of our neighbors was a recent victim of mail theft. He said he heard someone come up his front steps and open the mailbox; and when he went to investigate he saw a Latin American male leaving the property. Later, he received notice that checks that he had written to pay bills had been used fraudulently. In one case, a check had been "washed" and the payee and amount were both altered. The check was successfully cashed at a casino. An attempt was made to cash another check of his that had also been stolen from his mailbox and altered, but in that case the perpetrator fled when a bank teller became suspicious.

Consider this posting a word to the wise.

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