Friday, October 2, 2009

The intimacy of the Park draws tile artisans back to Pioneer Hall

They could have gone anywhere. They'd held their past shows in different locations every year, and they'd already done Madison Park. The plan this year was to move the event to a bigger venue; but when the tile artists came to make a decision, Madison Park won out as the place they'd most like to have host their Fourth Annual Northwest Handmade Tile Festival. Hoping to repeat their success here last year at Pioneer Hall, the tile artisans will be back in the Park next weekend, hot on the heels of MadArt's conclusion this Sunday.

The Festival will run one day, Saturday, October 10, in Pioneer Hall (1642 43rd Avenue E.). Over 25 tile makers, all members of Artisan Tile Northwest (ATN), will be showing their works in two separate shows. One will be a curated show in which each participating artist will submit a work on the theme "Submerged." There will also be a display show, where the tile makers will set up tables and sell their art.
According to tile artist Marie Root, "we decided to come back to Madison Park because we so enjoyed it last year. There's a certain intimacy there." She says the artists liked the Pioneer Hall venue, appreciated the support of the community, and enjoyed the people in the Park. She noted that there was a high volume of foot traffic last year, and the organizers are hoping for a similar level of interest this time around.
ATN is a non-profit artist collective consisting of tile artisans from throughout the Pacific Northwest. The group is "dedicated to the creation, promotion and preservation of the art and craft of handmade tile." The annual festival is designed not only to help the artists sell their work but also to raise awareness by the public that handcrafted custom tile work in a wide range of styles is available from artists based right here in the region.
The Saturday show will begin at 10 am and end at 5 pm. Admission is free. There will also be an artists' preview reception held at Pioneer Hall the previous evening, October 9th, from 5 until 8 pm.
For information on ATN's artists, visit Not all ATN members will be participating in the Festival, but all of the artists whose works are shown here definitely will be. Madison Park's own Barbara Clark (Agapanther Tiles) will be showing her tiles as well.
[Upper photo: hand painted tile, Moons, by Bob & Iris Jewett, Wilburton Pottery; Middle photo: nature print tile by Claudia Riedener, Ixia Tiles Tacoma; Lower photo: nature tile by Bellevue Artist Sallie Herling. Photo below: border tiles by Maria Root, Primitiva Pottery & Tile.]

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  1. Being a Sponser and one who participated last year you have captured the people,event and tile beautifully.

    Richard Scott
    Status Inc.


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