Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Safeway: we've found your lost cart!

Anyone who thinks that all of Madison Park's beaches are pristine ought to run down and take a look at this scene at one of our road end "pocket parks." The debris gradually building up at the E. Highland Street beach can hardly be called flotsam and jetsam, since it doesn't appear that any of these objects arrived by water.

My neighbor, who clued me in to the build up, says that it began with the plastic chaise lounge late this summer, to which was later added the lovely print sofa with matching cushions. More recently, the shopping cart was abandoned there (arriving by way of the Capitol Hill Safeway or the one near University Village?).

If it's unclear how it all got there, it's just as unclear how it's going to be taken out. There's just a narrow beaten path down to the beach through the blackberry bushes and brambles, so it'll be quite a job.

Have I mentioned my bad back?

[Aerial photo (infamous beach marked in red) courtesy of Bing.]

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