Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or drink?

My neighbors, Adele and Dan Clancy, took what (at least from my perspective) was an innvoative approach to Halloween last Saturday, dressing up and roaming about the neighborhood with empty wine glasses in hand. I'm not sure how many unsuspecting homeowners they accosted with their apparently novel opening line: "Trick or Drink!", but I understand that the tactic (or was it a strategy?) worked very well at multiple locations, including at the Madison Park residence pictured above.
They were, unfortunately, SOL* at our house (no wine on the premises), but we'll be better prepared in the future. Next year we'll report on whether these two fun-loving characters have "double-handedly" been able to establish a new Holloween fashion for Madison Park. A trend has to start somewhere!
*For this audience I can translate the acronym as 'Sorry, Out of Luck."
[Photo by David Hutchins, aka Jimmy Olsen.]

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