Friday, December 4, 2009

Is stalker behind bars or on the streets?

Many of us at this end of the Park well remember a scary stalking incident of several summers ago involving convicted sex offender Michael Sheehan. The current issue of the Madison Park Times carries a story about Sheehan's most recent incarceration, which resulted from his violating the terms of his parole after he was released from jail in October.

The MPT went to press before Sheehan's expected release date of November 30, so I thought I'd check up and find out if the guy is on the streets or not. According to the paper, Sheehan was planning to live on the 800 block of 23rd Avenue (near Garfield Playfield), which by my calculations is only a bit more than two miles from here. Close enough to walk.

So is he out? Well, if they know, no one at the State Department of Corrections was willing to say when I called over the last two days. However, the DOC's website, which supposedly lists all "incarcerated offenders" in the State, does not have Sheehan in its database. A national sex-offender database shows Sheehan's current address as Kitsap County prision, information which is clearly out of date. His last known address, apparently, is actually King County Jail.

Sheehan's re-arrest occurred only one week after he was let out of jail the last time! And although he was given a 60-day sentence for this parole violation, says the MPT, he was expected to get off early for "good behavior" while back in the slammer. Not the kind of guy who can be expected to exercise the same "good behavior" once out on the streets, apparently. So take note.

I am told that I will be getting confirmation of Sheehan's whereabouts on Monday, directly from the Community Corrections Supervisor for King County. When that happens, I'll report it here.

[Photo courtesy of the Kitsap County Sheriff]

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