Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Inspiring a daydream

Madison Valley artist Heidi Randall may seem a bit omnipresent in the neighborhood over the next few weeks, with her art on display in multiple Madison Park locations during the first two months of the year. (Can one be a bit omnipresent?) Anyway, those, like me, who are big fans of Ireland should check out her current show on the walls of Park Place Deli, which features her paintings of places in Europe. The focus is particularly on the Emerald Isle (that's Ireland's Eye shown above).

In February, Randall moves to Starbuck's, with a month-long show, Quebec: La Ville et La Campagne, featuring her paintings of places in and around the City of Quebec.

She says that her work is inspired by early American Realists, the Impressionists, and 17th Century Flemish and Dutch painters. Her stated goals: to be aesthetically pleasing, and to create a meditative reaction (maybe even a daydream) in those viewing her work.

You can read about her and check out more of her art here.

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