Sunday, January 3, 2010

Scott McKee (1951-2009)

Scott McKee's many many friends and relatives turned out en masse yesterday afternoon at McGilvra's to pay their respects and show their support for the McKee family following Scott's untimely death on December 27. Scott's cousin, Kirk McKee, estimates the turnout at between 400 and 500 people, with McGilvra's totally packed and the line of well-wishers waiting to gain admission stretching all the way down the block to Cactus.
It was an extraordinary testimonial to Scott's unique position in our community. He was an all-around good guy who was very much appreciated for his humor and helpfulness. The online guest book (from which this photo was taken) already contains 12 pages of condolences and memories of Scott, with the words funny, classy, wonderful, gentle, smart, good-natured, and appreciated being the most-used descriptors. It was typical of Scott both that he did not want people to know of his illness and that he worked at the store all the way through December 23rd.
Kirk reports that Scott's mother, Lola, who had suffered a heart attack soon after Scott's death, is doing well and that Madison Park Hardware will reopen on schedule, January 11.
["Lifetime Madison Park resident" Will Loman has a nice piece on his blog about Scott's wake, available here.]

[Postscript: More than 400 people read the posting on this blog about Scott's death last week, making it the most-read story on Madison Park Blogger during 2009.]

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  1. I just want to make a correction. I am Lola’s granddaughter and was in the hospital with her- she did not have a heart attack, just chest pains and they kept her there for observation so it did not become something more serious.

    Thanks for all the support!



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