Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mad Pizza gets some competition

Apparently you can never have too much pizza. And just to prove the point, we're about to get a new pizza place here in the Park. The construction crew has been working away this past week in the old Impromptu space (4227 E. Madison St.), knocking down an interior wall and installing new pizza ovens.

Word on the street is that it's a "gourmet" pizza parlor, which may be opening as early as a week from now. The name of the new place is unknown, at least to any of the local merchants I spoke to, however. The construction crew tells me that even the construction plans do not include the restaurant's name.

While there are many kinds of food that you cannot get in the neighborhood, pizza is certainly not one of them. In addition to Mad Pizza, the longtime stand-alone pizza parlor further up the street, there are quite a few other options, given that there's pizza on the regular menus of Bing's, The Red Onion, The Attic, and McGilvra's (have I left someone out?).

Of course "gourmet" is another niche. We shall see.


  1. ugh!! like we need ANOTHER place to eat pizza. and isn't "gourmet" just a nice word for "over-priced"?

  2. Good scoop.
    Although I agree with Erika that we don't really need another pizza place, at least it will be another restaurant (which we do need more of)! We didn't like Impromptu very much.

    Hopefully they'll have pasta, not just pizza.

  3. The only pizza worth eating South of the portage is Flying Squirrel in Seward Park- I'd be delighted if that changed.

  4. My business alone will keep a new pizza restaurant afloat! Wish I had thought of it.


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