Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In memory of Sarah

Madison Park third grader Sarah Mary Hughes, daughter of Jim and Heather Hughes, lost her two-year battle with a rare and aggressive brain tumor on Monday. Her favorite color was pink, and her many friends throughout the neighborhood are honoring her memory by displaying pink ribbons in their trees and gardens, and on lamp posts.

Sarah was a student at Bertschi School on Capitol Hill. She and her family first learned of her brain tumor when she was in first grade. Although the tumor was removed during a successful surgery in 2008, an MRI late last summer revealed that it had returned.

Sarah’s fight against the disease inspired many to support pediatric brain tumor research at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Last fall nearly $150,000 was raised by multiple teams running in Sarah’s name during the Run of Hope and by hundreds of others who joined Team Sarah Mary by contributing online in support of the cause. When the Run ended, there were 423 teammates on Sarah’s team.
A celebration of Sarah's life will be held at St. Joseph Church (732 18th Avenue E.) at 4pm on Friday. Her obituary is available here. Those wishing to support the Pediatric Brain Tumor Research Fund will find information about how to contribute here.


  1. Sarah was my best friend from kindergarden to 3rd grade till the minute she stopped breathing i knew i would never see her ever again. When i got to see Sarah i realized that id rather be with her then anyone else. what i have learned from her is something that can not be over powerd. she taught me what life is for and to always keep a smile and no one can do that better than her. a year after her death she is still in my heart and will never leave me.

  2. Vera
    I miss Sarah so so so much and i will always remember and love her. No matter what Sarah ALWAYS has a HUGE smile on her face and she spread joy throughout the whole school.

  3. Vera Panescu-ReichMarch 15, 2012 at 5:54 PM

    When i think of Sarah i think of love and friendship. Sarah was so brave and strong she never let annything bring her down and she was always in the perfect mood, she loved life and life loved her too. Sarah was my best friend and even though she is no longer with us, she is still in my heart and always will be. i love Sarah and so do lots of other people.


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