Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Signs of summer (finally)

We were wondering if it was ever going to happen, but we seem to have been given a bit of a reprieve--a half day of sunshine. Just long enough for us to begin believing that we may actually get to have a summer this year. It hovered briefly near 80 degrees, and it sure looked like we'd passed the solstice.

The Molly Moon Ice Cream truck arrived this afternoon in front of McGilvra School, and ice cream lovers quickly began converging from blocks around. How did they all know? Molly Moon Tweeted at 10:51: "Headed to McGilvra Elementary for the last day of school! Be there at 2:15! " The kids, at least, seemed patient and well behaved.

It was also a great day to be on the water...

...or idling lazily on the dock (that barge crane in the background, however, was working on replacing pontoon cables for the floating bridge).

I suppose it would be too much to realistically expect that we can string two decent days together in a row. But one can always dream.

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