Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weekly Crime Report 6/28/10

When I started this blog over a year ago I promised regular police reports. And for a few months, I was able to deliver on that promise. It was some job, too. In those days the way to get information on crime incidents was to trek over to the East Precinct station on Capitol Hill, ask for the discs containing copies of the police reports, download the reports into a laptop, and then go home and sift through all of the reports for the whole City—just to see if any reports concerned crimes occurring in Madison Park. This became such a tedious, grueling, and time-consuming process that I soon threw in the towel. Since then, I have only been reporting periodically about aggregate crime data for our little part of the big City.

Now, however, the Seattle Police have made it much easier for the press and public to access crime information. The department has begun posting police reports online, and all you have to do is register in order to have access. If you’re interested in seeing these reports in the raw, you can sign up for access here. However, you won’t need to go that far. Since I can now easily do so, I intend to summarize the police reports on this blog weekly. The map above depicts the locations of crimes that were reported in Madison Park during the week ending June 28. The Seattle police report map for the whole City is available here. If you look at all of the incidents of crime occurring across Seattle during the week, you will be aware of what a crime backwater Madison Park really is.

Here’s what happened in terms of criminal behavior in the neighborhood during the past seven days:

Car prowls: There were three incidents on the 1300 block of Lake Washington Boulevard E. on June 22, as well as an incident on the 3300 block of E. Mercer on June 27.

Auto theft: One incident was reported on the 800 block of 33rd Avenue E. on June 26.

Aggravated assault: There was one incident (unusual for the Park) on the 4100 block of E. Madison Street on June 25. The arresting officer reported that he was called to the area to investigate a report that a man was beating another man with his fists. Witnesses said that the perpetrator had walked up to the victim, who had been standing on the sidewalk with a sign begging for money, and began yelling at him to stop intimidating people and asking for money. The victim, according to witnesses, had done nothing to provoke the attack. The perpetrator knocked the victim to the ground and began kicking him, all the while yelling at him to leave. Although the attacker had moved out of the area by the time the police arrived, he was later located in the 4200 block of E. Blaine and detained. Witnesses walked to this location and positively identified the perpetrator, who was then arrested for assault and transported to the East Precinct station. The attacker denied having hit the victim but said he only yelled at him. Another witness came forward later and identified the attacker as someone she had once hired to do landscape work.

[Thanks to a regular reader of Madison Park Blogger, Reg Newbeck, for making me aware of the Seattle Police’s new neighborhood crime map.]

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