Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy ending to lost-dog story

When has this kind of thing ever happened? Contractors are working at your house and someone leaves the door or the gate open. The dog wanders out into the unknown, and you come home to find the house empty. That, at least, is the back-story on this little stray, found early Thursday evening.

The pup, however, was lucky enough to be discovered by the Tennis Club's Shannon Harney after it was almost hit by a car on McGilvra. She secured the dog in the Club's kennel, notified Club staff of her find, printed up posters, and contacted the Madison Park Blogger to get the word out. And it worked! Later that evening a woman looking for her lost dog contacted a Club employee, and the dog and its owner were reunited in what I imagine must have been a touching scene.

The story, however, contains an object lesson for those of us who are pet owners. This dog did not have any visible identification. We can only hope that it did have one of those id chips embedded under its skin (Shannon says that she would have investigated this possibility if the owner had not been found). Lost dogs are not that uncommon in the neighborhood, and many of these do not have collars or tags. Consider this a word to the wise.

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