Monday, August 9, 2010

The police investigate, the Tennis Club acts

Members of the Seattle Tennis Club have received a letter from the Club disclosing that the STC has taken action in connection with the sexual assault which allegedly took place at the Club on July 7. As we reported last month, the incident involved two junior members of the Club and occurred in the boys’ locker room. In his letter last week, Board of Trustees Chairman Tonny Oswald states that the Club has expelled the offending member for “inappropriate” behavior and is also denying him any guest privileges.

Oswald notes that the Club “conducted a prompt and thorough investigation” before the Board acted in executive session. He also praises Club management for its immediate and professional response to the report of the incident.

The fact that the allegation is serious has been confirmed by the Seattle Police. I was told late last week by police department spokesperson Renee Witt that following an initial review the case was referred to detectives of the Sexual Assault Unit, who are currently investigating.


  1. A suspicious acts from a guilty person needs to be under investigation,just like this blog post content.

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  2. I hope this does not put a dark spot on the tennis culture here in Seattle. I would hate for people to associate tennis with sexual assault because of this.


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