Thursday, August 19, 2010

Reminder: floating bridge closed this weekend

Nornally, I don't do postings about issues that you are likely to read or hear about in the major media. But since it's clear that not everyone pays attention (or necessarily has a very good memory) I thought I might just mention the fact that if you're planning to cross the water this weekend for a bit of fun on the other side, you better use I-90 or take your boat. At 11 pm on Friday night, August 20, the Evergreen Point (Albert D. Rosellini) Floating Bridge will be closed for its annual inspection and maintenance. It will not reopen until 5 am on Monday morning, August 23.

While the bridge is closed, SR-520 will be open between I-5 and the Montlake Boulevard E. exit. Make your plans accordingly.

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  1. It is always so peaceful in the park when that bridge is closed, and such a contrast to what it is going to be like when an 8 lane monstrosity is built in a few years.


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