Sunday, November 21, 2010

Remembering the Big Snow of 2008

There was a brief flurry of snowflakes over the Park this afternoon, and a winter advisory just issued raises the possibility of real snow in the forecast for Monday. All of this provides a fine excuse for posting more of the great photos sent in by blog readers showing what it looked like when the Park was briefly severed from the rest of the City during the Great Snowstorm of 2008.

Although the mid-December storm that year only dumped about eight inches of snow on the town, continuing freezing weather kept that accumulation on the ground for many days. And, as those of us who lived through it well remember, the City failed miserably in its responsibility to quickly clear the streets, E. Madison included. Wasn’t it about four days before plowing and sanding finally occurred? That’s our recollection, at least.

At any rate, we learned to live with the situation. Whatever the inconveniences, however, the neighborhood managed to look absolutely fabulous in a picture-postcard, winter-wonderland kind of way.

Snow like that can be fun for kids and for those who don’t have to get to work somewhere. But it can also be treacherous for others. Hopefully we have learned some lessons from last Big One and will make sure to check on our neighbors if happens again this year. Remember, too, that the Community Council is heading up the neighborhood’s snow-emergency volunteer efforts. If you’re interested in helping out contact Gene Brandzel, the Council’s Lead Coordinator, at or (206) 524-2115.

It's unlikely that this year we'll be experiencing anything like what happened in 2008, when the most snow Seattle had seen in over a decade fell in a seven-day period (it had also snowed earlier in the week, prior to the 8-inch dump). But if it does snow, a lot or a little, please send us your pictures!

[Photos, top to bottom: 1) Madison Park Beach, courtesy of Dorian C. Muncey Interiors, 2) 43rd Avenue at E. Howe, courtesy of Graham Fernald, 3) E. Madison Street at E. Galer, courtesy of Spencer Rascoff, 4) Washington Park, courtesy of Dorian C. Muncey Interiors, 5) the Madison Park pier, courtesy of Mikel Anne Morrison, and 6) Sophia Rascoff having the Madison Park playground all to herself, courtesy of her dad.]

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