Saturday, February 12, 2011

February Happenings

It’s time again for the Japanese Garden in the Washington Park Arboretum to open its doors and get ready to celebrate the beginning of spring (so we hope). The Garden, which celebrated its 50th Anniversary last year, will emerge from its winter hibernation this Sunday with a traditional Shinto “Blessing of the Garden” ceremony and other opening events, which begin at 11 am. The Japanese Garden (shown above) is located at 1075 Lake Washington Boulevard E.

McQuesten Fine Art’s gallery in Maison Michel (1928 43rd Avenue E.), this month has on display never-before-seen photos of Jamaican reggae singer Bob Marley that were taken by Seattle photographer Edward M. Melillo during Marley’s USA Survival Tour. The photos will be on view through the end of the month, at which time, the gallery will close. Owner Dee McQuesten reports that she is just too busy with her framing and fine art consulting business to devote the time necessary to keep the gallery operating at the optimum level. It is expected that Maison Michel will continue to put art on display, as well as the antique furnishings that are the mainstay of the store. Maison Michel moved from E. Madison to its new location during the summer last year and McQuesten added her gallery to the mix soon thereafter.

Madison Park Conservatory begins its Sunday neighborhood dinner series this Sunday, February 13, with a pre-Valentine’s Day dinner hosted by Lucio Gomiero, owner and winemaker of Vignalta Winery (located in the Italian Veneto). There will be one seating at 7 pm, for what the restaurant describes as a special dinner with the special wines of Vignalta. Details, including the complete menu, are available here.

The MPC, by the way, is not only beginning its Sunday dinner program but has now extended service into the daylight hours: Thursday through Sunday, 10 am until 2:30 pm. They are not calling what they're serving lunch, but rather the day menu. Last week that meant chickpeas and salt cod with a six-minute egg, baked eggs, salads, fresh baked goods—and “more.” The Madison Park Conservatory is located at 1927 43rd Avenue E. (206-324-9701).

Pharmaca (4130 E. Madison St.) hosts “Maximize Your Cardiovascular Health” with Erik Altmann, ND, tomorrow, February 13 (1-2pm) at the pharmacy, and “Stress and Depression” with Jason Peterson, ND, on Saturday, February 26 (1-2 pm).

Finally, we have this promotional teaser from Bill the Butcher in Madison Valley (2911 E. Madison St.): come into the store and find where we have hidden “a bit of love” in the form of something shaped like a heart. You’ve got until tomorrow to come up with and take a photo of the discovery, which then must be posted (details available at the store). Winners will be awarded a couple of choice steaks for Valentine’s Day.

[Notice to event planners, non-profits, and businesses located in Madison Park and Madison Valley: Madison Park Blogger will be posting a monthly Happenings report in which we will aggregate events expected to occur in the neighborhood during the coming month. If you wish to participate, please email us well in advance of month end with your information. We reserve the right to include or exclude at whim.]

[Photo of the Japanese Garden in winter (2009) by SpiralCageon on]

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