Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Starbucks manager moves on

After eight years with Starbucks, four of them as manager of the Madison Park store, Iaan Hughes hung up his green apron yesterday afternoon for the last time and bid at least a temporary goodbye to all of the many friends he's made during his tenure here. Although Iaan says he's not sure what the next thing is going to be, we understand he is not hurting for potential employment opportunities.

Why is he leaving? "It was time," he told us, noting that he'd been thinking about doing it for several months. The job has been great, he said, and he has enjoyed the relationships he's formed with Starbucks' patrons and others here in the Park. But he'd like to try something new, and now he has the time to figure out exactly what that'll be.

Meanwhile, he's keeping his two other jobs: disc jockey for radio station KBCS-FM 91.3--where he spins bluegrass, country, and rockabilly--and blogger ( If you missed your chance to say goodbye to Iaan, his email address is
Iaan's replacement, Andrew Nix, was on the job today but had made a strategic exit from the premises by the time we swung by this evening to check him out. More on him later...

[Thanks to Barbie Hull for letting us (without her knowledge) steal this photo of Iaan from her blog.]

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  1. You are my hero and my champion. Thank you for always showing up.



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