Sunday, March 27, 2011

Madison Park makes another Best Places list

One local magazine (that shall remain nameless) had the temerity recently to not include Madison Park on its list of best places to live in the region.  How rude.  Madison Parkers can be forgiven, perhaps, for thinking that it’s the natural order of things for our neighborhood to automatically appear on such lists. Apparently, it’s not.

Fortunately for those of us experiencing a diminished sense of place, Seattle Met Magazine has just come to the rescue with another “Best Places” list to which we can point with pride.  Madison Park is listed as Number 12 on the magazine’s recently published list of “The 20 Best Places to Live Now.”  Also included on the list are nearby neighborhoods Pike/Pine, Madrona, Montlake, and Laurelhurst. Madison Park is cited as a waterfront destination neighborhood.  [Full disclosure: the author of the Madison Park Blogger is quoted in the section on Madison Park, opining that this is a liberal, welcoming, walk-around neighborhood that, once arrived, you really never have to leave.  Any dissension?]

By the way, that other magazine (the one that overlooked us) included both Madrona (34th Avenue, at least) and Capitol Hill (12th Avenue, at least) on its list of best places to live.  But in the same issue, the magazine chided Beacon Hill for not being quite “there” yet as a neighborhood.  Which is interesting, since Seattle Met this year places Beacon Hill at Number 1 on its Best Places list.  Proving only, we suppose, that when it comes to determining best neighborhoods, it all depends on who’s doing the choosing.

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  1. The way I see it, with all of the complaining about parking, crime, property taxes, street vendors, etc, etc, etc, etc., the more "best places to live" lists we get left off of, the better.


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