Saturday, April 9, 2011

Madison St. night construction begins in May

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) announced yesterday that the planned nighttime stormwater mitigation work on E. Madison Street through Madison Valley will begin in early May, about a month later than originally scheduled.  The reason for the delay is that some materials to be used in the construction effort will not be ready before then.  The City, as we previously reported, will be installing infrastructure improvements along E. Madison Street to drain excess stormwater on the roadway into catch basins which will feed into pipelines leading to the new stormwater storage tank in Washington Park, now under construciton.

The night work will continue for about two weeks, according to SPU, and will begin at 8 pm.  E. Madison Street will not be detoured during construction.  Rather, a one-lane roadway will be maintained, with flaggers to control traffic flow. The street will be returned to normal two-way traffic each morning at 6 am.  Two open trenches will be dug across E. Madison Street during the construction, with drains (aka inlets) installed at the curbs in various locations.  Once this work is completed, the roadway will be repaved.

Information on the schedule for the Madison Valley Stormwater Project is available here.  

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