Thursday, April 14, 2011

Police Blotter 4/14/11

Perhaps there's some consolation in knowing of the apparent correlation between the less-than-Springlike weather we've been having and the low level of crime in the neighborhood over the past month.  As the temperature rises each year, the crime rate in Madison Park seems to increase.  So enjoy the wind, rain and cold (not to mention the occasional hail storm)* while it lasts.  Your car and your house are each less likely to be broken into while winter holds.  For that matter, your chances of finding used syringes in the alley behind your house (or on your front steps) are also lessened.

We haven't been exactly crimeless since our last Police Blotter on March 17, but nearly so.  There were two car thefts during the period: one on the 1100 block of 36th Avenue E. on March 31, and one on the 2000 block of 41st Avenue E. on April 7.  Additionally, there were three car break-ins (aka prowls):  one on E. Foster Island Road in the Arboretum on March 23, one on the 3200 block of E. Madison St. on March 26, and one on the 3100 block of E. Madison St. on March 27.

A theft was reported on the 900 block of E. Mercer St. on March 23. The only other crime reported during the period was a case of credit card fraud. The victim, located on the 1800 block of 43rd Avenue E., told police he had discovered that four unauthorized charges totaling $1,700 had been made to his credit card on one day earlier in the month.  The police report indicates that the investigation is still open.

[*UW Meteorologist Cliff Mass reported today that our Spring is, at this point, the second coldest on record (there was a slightly colder one in the early 1950's).  There have only been two days since March 21 that the temperature was above 55 degrees, he says. He doesn't mention the advantage of lower crime as an offset to this arctic situation, however.  The Madison Park Blogger, meanwhile, was unembarrassed (though made fun of by various passersby) yesterday for wearing both his heavy winter coat AND earmuffs while out walking the dogs.]   


  1. The police blotter does not cover everything. According to the WA State Medical Quality Assurance Board, Madison Park's own psychiatrist, Dr. Richard T Adamson, was reported having sex with patients, so they suspended his license this last month. He practiced next to Tully's for many years. In over 20 states a psychiatrist or therapist having sex with a patient is a felony, in effect considered rape.

  2. We were aware of the recent action by the State Department of Health. However, the Police Blotter covers crimes that were reported to the police during the period specified, March 17 to April 14. As far as we know, Dr. Adamson was not practicing in Madison Park and was not a Madison Park resident at the time he reportedly had sex with his patient (November 2008). Nor, as far as we are aware, has Dr. Adamson been charged with any crime related to his suspended license, whatever the law may be in 20 or more states.

    Recently a former Madison Park Starbucks employee was implicated in a crime which also occurred elsewhere and which had no connection to Madison Park other than the fact that the perpetrator had once worked in the neighborhood. The story was covered by other media, and when readers asked us why we didn't cover it we replied that as far as we are concerned Madison Park should not be implicated in "news" which is tangential to the neighborhood. We believe the Adamson story, however juicy, is in the same category--unless the inappropriate acts involved are shown to have occurred here. Then it's a story (though not one for the Police Blotter).

  3. No one expects the Madison Park blogger to cover everything, and he does a great job overall. But Dr. Adamson definitely was practicing in Madison Park when he reportedly had sex with patients (not one, but several, according to the WA State charges) and he practiced in Madison Park for over 20 years (a pillar of the community?). Thus, this story is pertinent to Madison Park residents and the large psychiatric and therapist community practicing in Madison Park. Using the term 'juicy' for these tragic events seems more than dismissive. The story could be useful to potential or past victims of such activities so know there is recourse and to remind potential perpetrators that they will be held accountable.

  4. These points are all valid, except for the first one. The blog IS actually expected to cover everything, though we sometimes fail. This particular State action, unbeknownst to us, turns out to be a Madison Park story which should be covered on the blog. We will rectify this.


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