Sunday, June 12, 2011

Great day for a race

As happened last year, Mother Nature cooperated by suddenly producing a picture-perfect morning for the Shore Run/Walk event. Thousands of runners, walkers, and spectators thronged the neighborhood today for what was another highly successful fundraising effort in support of Fred Hutch.

Of course the most-fun event for many of us during the Shore Run each year is the Half-Mile Kids' Run. Watching it, that is.

The Kids' Run, sponsored this year by Zillow, brought out legions of parents, grandparents, and assorted hangers-on to witness the expectant faces as the runners readied...

...the initial burst of energy as the starting horn sounded...

...and the adrenaline rush of the runners when the finish line was in sight.

If there were any in the race or on the sidelines not having a good time, we didn't see them them.

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