Friday, June 10, 2011

Tracking down a rumor

Multiple tipsters have contacted us this week asking what's the story on the sudden appearance of bank guards at the Madison Park branches of both BofA and KeyBank. Is there some threat we should know about?

We can confirm that the guards are present in both locations, but each bank is giving the same reason as to why:  this is just the normal rotation of guards among that bank's branch network. It's sort of a showing-the-flag effort, presumably resulting from the fact that costs are prohibitive for banks to have guards at all branches at all times. So they rotate the guards around the system. Or so the story goes.

Though it does seem rather coincidental that two different banks would decide to send guards to Madison Park at the same time,  it's worth noting that when we checked today there were no guards at either Chase's or Wells Fargo's bank branches. We're therefore assuming that there's not some neighborhood-wide bank issue which warrants an investigation on our part.  And besides, the likelihood is rather low that any bank would confirm to a blogger that it has some a vulnerability for which beefed-up security is necessary.

If something newsworthy does happen at one of our bank branches, we'll let you know.

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