Monday, July 11, 2011

Body discovered in truck parked at road end

Shortly before noon today multiple police and fire units descended on the E. Lee Street road end to investigate a report that there was a man lying in the back seat of a black Chevy Silverado truck, apparently deceased.  The discovery was a shock to many of us living in the area, who had been passing by the vehicle for days without investigating.  The truck was parked almost at the very end of E. Lee Street, just past 42nd Avenue E. and directly south of the Reed Estate.

Neighbors believe that the truck had been sitting there since at least July 1, prior to the Independence Day weekend.  For this reason, the body could not have been in very good condition when discovered, reportedly by a cable technician who had parked his truck near the deceased's vehicle.

Seattle Police confirmed to us that a body had been discovered and that the King County Medical Examiner would be undertaking a autopsy.  It does not appear that there was any foul play involved.  A neighbor who spoke to police officers at the scene learned from them that the body was apparently that of the truck owner, a young man in his 30s who lived somewhere outside of Seattle.  It is believed that he had not been reported missing.

The passenger-side window of the vehicle was partially open, as shown in the upper photo.  In defense of the neighbors who had not noticed anything amiss, however, it should be noted that the truck was parked directly next to a major sewer pumping station, which can at times be somewhat odiferous (it's located downstairs behind the white iron fence in the photo above).  Additionally, the body was not upright in the back seat but lying prone, as if the man had been sleeping there and simply never woke up.

The Medical Examiner's Office has confirmed that an autopsy will be performed on Tuesday morning, with the results available later in the day.

[Lower photo by J. Waltz.  Middle photo of the E. Lee Street road end from GoogleEarth. The upper photo of the vehicle, by an anonymous neighbor, was taken days before the body was discovered.]


  1. I was just recently feeling self conscious for being a nosy neighbor. This makes me feel I may not be nosy enough. I was down by the lake several times this weekend and smelled the stench; also thought it was the sewer. Sad for the decedent, his family, and what ever is happening to our neighborhood.

  2. This is a terribly sad incident, the finding of a man who apparently died young and alone. It also does suggest some disconnection of people with our neighborhood (including me I hasten to add), irrespective of where the truck was parked. We need more 'neighborhood watch' and connectivity in Madison Park, don't we?

  3. You both make very good points. We (the BIG WE) are becoming so caught up in what is going on someplace else that we are becoming oblivious to what is happening in front of us in our own lives. The reliance on portable, cordless devices for distant connection is ruining "community" where people had no choice but to interact with their neighbors/kids/other drivers/the physical world around them. Do you remember when someone was considered odd because they DIDN'T interact with their neighbors? Now you are considered odd if you do.

    It is ironic that this tragic story appears during the same week where one with a happier ending appeared, with an accident victim discovered by a dog. We should all put down the phone, take out the earplugs and experience the life in front of our faces. In other words, be more like Sammy the Dog.

  4. I am Michael's mother. Does anyone know anything? We are all absolutely devastated. Michael was a wonderful man. I would appreciate hearing from whomever if you know anything. Thank you.


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