Saturday, July 2, 2011

Finding a life after grief

Kathleen O'Connor, a Madison Park activist, author, journalist and blogger, has just published a very personal memoir of a tragic time in her life and the path she chose in order to recover from her loss. Having suffered the worst experience a parent can endure, the death of a child, O'Connor eventually learned to cope with her grief and to find ways to help others through the tragedies of their lives.

The story of her "before" and "after" lives are chronicled in her latest book, Embracing Two Lives: A Journey of Love, Loss and Healing, which is also a celebration of the life of her son, Remi Miles.  It includes some of her own poignant poetry and that of her son. The story of the book and how it came about is the subject of a front-page article in this month's edition of the Madison Park Times, on the streets today and available on line here.  The book is available at Madison Park Hardware and here at Amazon.

[Photo by Sean Beighton, courtesy of the Madison Park Times.]

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