Thursday, July 7, 2011

Floating bridge closed (again) this weekend

Apparently the installation of a fish-passage culvert under the 520 floating bridge is more than a one-weekend operation.  When the bridge was closed for a weekend in June, that was one of the reasons given.  It's one of the reasons for this weekend's closure as well.  That and the need for inspection and repairs "to the aging SR 520 floating bridge to make sure it will continue to carry traffic safely through winter weather," in the words of the WSDOT press release.

The upcoming closure, which will begin at 11 pm on Friday night and end at 5 am on Monday morning, will involve traffic in both directions of SR 520, with all ramps between Montlake Boulevard and I-405 closed.  SR 520 will remain open between Montlake Boulevard and I-5. The Montlake Boulevard exit ramp from SR 520 will remain open during the highway closure, and anyone still driving on SR 520 at that point will just have to exit the highway.

And this ain't the end of it.  Here's the official word from WSDOT: "We are planning several more complete weekend closures of SR 520 in 2011 to demolish overcrossings, set girders, install more fish passage culverts, and complete other work."  

Don't say we didn't warn you.

[Photo by PG Svensk on Flickr. Details on WSDOT's SR-520 closure plans are available here.]

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