Sunday, July 31, 2011

Street paving begins on Madison tomorrow

Four the next four days, through sometime Thursday afternoon, road crews are scheduled to repave a section of E. Madison Street near City People's in Madison Valley. This is the area where pipes were laid under the street during the spring as part of a surface-water mitigation project unrelated to the Madison Valley Stormwater Project. As a result of this planned repaving, parking will be removed from the south side of the street in the area to the east of City People's (parking is already prohibited on the north side).  The removal of additional on-street parking further complicates the already difficult parking situation in Madison Valley, but this new deletion of parking spaces should be a temporary imposition. At the conclusion of the repaving, the City is promising the parking will be restored on that section of the street.

It is not anticipated (at least by the Seattle Department of Transportation) that traffic will be disrupted through Madison Valley during the repaving.  The purpose of eliminating parking in the area is to allow for two-way traffic to maintained on Madison Street during the construction period.

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