Saturday, August 13, 2011

Madison Park Cafe sold

It's been a more or less open secret for some time that Madison Park Cafe owner, Karen Binder, with more than 30 years of successful MPC operation behind her, was seeking a buyer for her iconic space across from the Madison Park tennis courts (1807 42nd Avenue E.).  She confirmed to us today that she has sold her restaurant, the details being announced to her longtime patrons by email.  This is the fifth turnover of major restaurant space in Madison Park in just the last two and a half years, beginning with Sorella's in 2009, Impromptu and Sostanza in 2010, and Bing's earlier this summer.

We will, of course, cover the full story of the plans for a new restaurant at the MPC site when they become available.


  1. Bye, Karen, and thanks for some memorable meals.

    I'm optimistic a new gem can replace her usually good, sometimes great vittles. But the MPG "hides" across the street from the across-the-street line of eateries w/ better visibility. Substance can outshine glitziness, and that's the new hope for the old MPG space.

  2. Despite it's great reputation, that place is one of the best kept secrets in the neighborhood. Hopefully the new owner will keep up the good work.


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