Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our beach makes 'best brown bagging' list

The Seattle Weekly, which specializes in coming up with "Best Places" lists each year, recently (like last week) chose Madison Park Beach as one of the Five Best Beaches in Seattle for Brown Baggin' It.  Last year this same publication picked our beach as the Best Beach for Babe Viewing, so we'll leave it to our readers to judge whether we're moving upward or downward with this year's honor.

To be clear, Madison Park Beach is Number 3 on the brown-bag list, with Alki and Golden Gardens ahead of us and Matthews Beach and Carkeek Park behind (do they have a beach there?).  Here's what the paper has to suggest as post-beach-going activities when in Madison Park: "With all the great joints up and down Madison, might we suggest stopping off at Cactus or The Attic after your BA shenanigans?"  BA in this is context probably refers to bare assed (or even bad ass) and not bachelor of arts.  Just guessing.

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  1. No need to guess. The Urban Dictionary says BA is "bad ass."


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