Thursday, August 18, 2011

Police Blotter 8/18/11

Robbery attempt foiled

Last week an employee of Red Wagon Toys, acting with an astonishing degree of intuition and hutzpah (or perhaps just simple foolhardiness) caused a potential robber to think better of the idea and exit the premises.  The episode began when a 6’ 2” black male wearing a red and white hoodie entered the store early in the afternoon of Monday, August 8.  His demeanor did not appear to be that of a shopper looking for toys, according to the employee, but she nevertheless asked if she could help him.  He declined assistance.  A few minutes later, however, he approached the counter and stated that he was there to rob the store, at the same time reaching into his pocket and implying he had a gun.  The employee, for whatever reason, wasn’t ready to hand over any cash to the guy.  Instead, she turned, grabbed the phone and told the suspect she was calling the police.  Witnessing this unanticipated resolve, the rattled wannabe-robber ran from the store.

Though the police report doesn’t state this detail, we understand that the man had earlier entered the Original Children’s Shop, where, in the words of a employee, "we actually killed him with kindness when he walked in and I don’t think he knew what to make of us."  He then left and apparently decided to try next door instead.  Multiple police units converged on the scene in an unavailing effort to track the suspect, who was described as being in his 30s and having prominent gold dental work.

Broadmoor “narcotics bust”

A little after midnight on July 17 a caller to 911 stated that a man was chasing another man around a Broadmoor residence while wielding a knife. When the police arrived at the address given by the caller, they observed a white male walking near the house, a person who seemed suspicious enough for them to stop and detain.  He was identified as John Christ.  When the police checked the residence in question they learned from the homeowner that he had met Christ on the Internet and had arranged to meet Christ at his house that evening.  However, when Christ had arrived the homeowner had become suspicious and had not let Christ into the house.  Christ had thereupon called 911, making the false report about the potential-knifing incident supposedly underway at the house.  Hearing this, the police then took Christ into custody, reading him his Miranda rights.

Back at the station, Christ’s backpack was searched and the following items discovered: “Three syringes, an elastic band, tin lid cap, multiple syringe caps, and a blue latex glove.”  Also located was a clear plastic baggie containing a “clear flaky substance which, through my training and experience [says the police officer], appeared to be Methamphetamine.”  The substance, amounting to .3 grams, was field tested and shown to be Meth when it turned dark purple.  Christ was booked for false reporting and narcotics possession.

Brazen daylight burglaries

The Madison Park Times beat us to the punch this month (a rare event) in reporting on the July 14 robbery of a residence on the 2000 block of E. McGilvra Boulevard.  In that incident the suspects kicked in the backdoor of the house and then removed numerous items from it, including $30,000 worth of jewelry and a large Plasma TV.  A witness later reported having seen three Hispanic-looking males loading a flat screen TV into a “red caravan” near the location of the burglary.

Just yesterday there was a similar daylight break-in on the 1400 block of 42nd Avenue E.  In that case the residents returned late in the afternoon to discover that thieves had entered their house through a window, stealing cash, passports, a laptop, an Ipad, an SLR camera, and a desk-top computer.  The burglars had moved beds to check for hidden valuables, and they had tried to take a jewelry box but apparently could not move it.  They apparently walked straight out the front door with their stash and loaded it into their car.  The owners recall having seen a grey Jeep often parked across from their house over the previous couple of days, with two people sitting in it.

Other neighborhood crime

Vehicles were stolen from the 1600 block of 42nd Avenue E. on August 12, from the 4200 block of E. Madison on August 16, and from 42nd Avenue E. at E. Highland Drive on July 27.  Car break-ins occurred on the 3100 block of E. Madison on August 12, from the 1000 block of Lake Washington Boulevard E. on August 8, from the 1000 block of 34th Avenue E. on July 20, from the 1100 block of 37th Avenue E. on July 19, from the 400 block of 39th Avenue E. on August 8 (involving two cars), from the 700 block of McGilvra Boulevard E. on August 8, from the 800 block of McGilvra Boulevard E. on August 2, from the 1800 block of 41st Avenue E. on August 8 and from the 2000 block of 43rd Avenue E. on the same night.  That last incident resulted in a rare felony arrest.

Also reported this month was one “threat to kill” incident (apparently a result of a dispute over a parking space), an harassment situation involving violation of a court order, and an incident of graffiti or other property damage.

Eyewitness crime reports

This from a reader, reporting on what she was told by her landscapers about an incident in early August:  “While doing some work on 37th Ave E. (across from Broadmoor), they noticed a van with two men inside who were parked close by and just sort of hanging out. They had an odd feeling, which was confirmed when all of a sudden the passenger in the van jumped out, ran over to the open back-end of the landscaping truck, snatched a $1200 generator, ran back to the now- moving van, jumped in the back and took off. The landscaping staff were close enough to watch this happen and even ran after the man but were not able to catch up with him. Unfortunately, they were unable to recall the license plate number of the van. A police report was filed.”

Another reader reports this “stop thief” incident which occurred earlier this month:  Her neighbor whose car was parked on the street observed a man on a bicycle stop and open the passenger-side door, swipe a package from the seat, and peddle off with it at top speed. Apparently nothing of significant value was taken.

[Crime map covers the period from July 14 through August 15.]


  1. Expect crime to continue to get worse as the economy deteriorates. Be extra vigilant.

  2. "A witness later reported having seen three Hispanic-looking males loading a flat screen TV into a “red caravan” near the location of the burglary....."

    In reference to the first comment, expect crime to get worse as there continue to be stupid people around. Did the above incident seem suspicious to anyone? Okay, that's the first phase. Second phase is CALL THE POLICE, get a license number. DO SOMETHING. Idiot.

    Except for the "be vigilant" part, your comment makes no sense. First, major crime is down in Seattle compared to last year, when the economy was worse. Oh, and the economy is not deteriorating. Don't be a sheep, made afraid by the news media.

    Since the low point, employment is up, the stock market is up, home sales are up, corporate profits are up, manufacturing is up, construction starts are up. What part of that represents "deterioration?"

    Be smart.


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