Thursday, August 25, 2011

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Floating bridge to close again

This weekend the SR 520 bridge will be closed for the third time this summer as work crews finish up construction of a fish culvert near Yarrow Point and shift traffic lanes near Evergreen Point Road to create a median work zone.  So no work on the bridge itself, but plenty of activity (including night work)  to disrupt those living near 520 on the Eastside.  The bridge will be closed from 11 pm on Friday until 5 am on Monday, with the Montlake exit from 520 open during the period.   By the way, there is no mention in the press release from WSDOT concerning any further closures of the the bridge this summer.  Up-to-date information will be available here throughout.

A 520 lawsuit on the horizon?

And while we're on the subject of 520 reconfiguration, we can report that the Coalition for a Sustainable 520, which for some time has been making noises about a possible lawsuit against the "Preferred Alternative Plan" for the highway, is now looking seriously at court as the logical next step.  In an email to supporters this week, Fran Conley, the group's Coordinator, writes,"This month, the Federal Highway people did issue a go-ahead for construction of SR 520.  It's called a Record of Decision.  There are significant flaws in it, and we are actively preparing for a lawsuit."  She goes on to state that there is money available for the group to move forward with the legal challenge, and the Coalition's lawyer believes there are solid legal grounds to take that action.

'Watson' is missing

This seven-year-old, yellow-eyed black male cat went missing on Monday, August 22.  Described as very shy and sweet by his owner, 'Watson' has a white tuft of hair under his chin and a skull-and-crossbones collar, with ID tags.  If you've seen 'Watson' (or better yet, if he's in your care), please call (206) 617-2407.

Yard sale and giveaway at Madison Park Cafe

On Sunday, between 9 am and 2 pm, Karen Binder, 32-year owner of of the Cafe, will be selling off (and, in some cases, giving away) many items from the restaurant that she just will not need in her catering and wine businesses going forward.  Here's what she says is included: "All my extra mismatched plates, glasses, catering trays, baskets and all sorts of little cafe stuff....some art work and WINE!  Whatever wine I have left when I close Saturday night will be on sale for retail prices--not wine list prices!"  There's also a white desk, a sideboard, and some chairs.

And, in a follow-up email to us she adds, "There's also a washer and dryer in great shape. $150 the pair. We deliver!"

As we've reported, after Madison Park Cafe's last meal is served on Saturday the building (originally a house built in 1924) will be somewhat remodeled, with a new restaurant making its debut there in October as Cafe Parco.

A brief glimpse at plans for Cafe Parco

And while we're on that subject, chef and owner Celinda Norton has disclosed some details concerning her new restaurant here.  In an email to her fans, she reports that Cafe Parco will definitely be Italian, but...

"I'm NOT talking Spaghetti Italian!

Cafe Parco will be showcasing Chef Celinda's passion for dishes that seamlessly meld the freshest and the best ingredients available, while maintaining the integrity of each element.  A philosophy inspired by Italy.

The name lends a nod of respect to Karen and The Madison Park Cafe.  For 32 years, the Cafe has been the beautiful, much loved girl next door. Cafe Parco is that same girl, all grown up and gorgeous. Names may change, but integrity lives on.

We will be offering Dinner seven days a week, Lunch Monday through Friday and Brunch on Saturday and Sunday.  My new menus (oh... have I been writing menus!) will reflect neighborhood value; encouraging the opportunity for all to join our offerings any day of the week.

I will be introducing a unique wine program with Cafe Parco.  I'm not going to tell you everything YET, but your wallet is going to love this idea!"

Celinda will be joined by both her son Nic and daughter Lindsey when the restaurant opens in a month or so.  We'll get the full scoop as we get closer to opening day.

Constance Gillespie acts!

We were happy to walk by the notorious "black hole" building on Madison this week and discover that the landlord, Constance Gillespie, had indeed had the building's broken plate-glass window replaced on the center retail unit.  She met the City's deadline, with several days to spare.  Alas, there have been no repairs to the crumbing facade of the building.  Well, you can't expect miracles.

Readers respond on crime-vigilance issue

After we re-ran our cautionary posting on neighborhood break-ins this week, several people pointed to additional measurers Madison Parkers can take to prevent break-ins at their residences.  One noted that the police told her that houses with dogs are less likely to be broken into than those without, though as we've noted in past Police Blotter reports you definitely need dogs that will not sleep through the break-ins and you need to pay attention to your dogs' warnings if they are to have the maximum benefit in this regard.

Another reader noted that some people broadcast that they are on vacation by Facebooking or tweeting about it on Twitter.  Not a good idea, since not everyone who may read about the lovely time you're having in Cinque Terre is necessarily interested in those particular details, she warns.

Finally, there is this additional point:  houses with hidden entries in the back are more vulnerable to break-ins since the crime is less likely to be noticed by neighbors or passersby. So trimming hedges or removing unnecessary obstructions to give more visibility to your residence, may help lessen the break-in risk.

Consider these suggestions words to the wise.

[Floating bridge photo by Tony Cyphert on Flickr.]


  1. Good job Coalition! If you don't get your way, just sue someone. Pay to file a lawsuit against an entity where you end up paying to defend the suit as well. That's good thinking. Is there some way you can leave me out of it?

    Who is paying for the increases in construction costs due to further delay? Oh, yeah, we all are. You realize that construction labor and materials are only going to increase in cost from now on, when there is very little work going on, right?

    Who is paying for extended duration of maintenance required for the existing bridge due to your delay? Oh, yeah, we all are.

  2. Just what we need, an italian restaurant that is too snobbish to serve spaghetti. I give it a year.


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