Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Summer, glorious summer

We'd just about given up hope that it was going to happen this year: a three-day weekend that was sunny and warm from beginning to end. But mother nature pulled it off, and the Labor Day weekend was pretty spectacular in Madison Park. Not that many Madison Parkers stayed around to enjoy it.  It seemed to those of us left behind that a lot of the natives must have left town for the holiday (you could get an outside table at Cactus!, for example, without having to wait--a pretty much unheard of event during good weather).

Though the beach was definitely not as crowded as it often is on hot weekends during a "normal" summer, the place was still plenty busy. And it looked like everyone was in a pretty good mood...

...for there are few things nicer than the California-seaside atmosphere of Madison Park when the weather cooperates.

Happy Summer!

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