Thursday, November 17, 2011

Found at 41st & E. Galer

This skinny but "super sweet" dog was discovered last evening by Louisa and Georgia, the daughters of Wendy Skerritt, who brought the dog home with them to be safe. (Rescuing lost dogs seems to be a specialty for these girls, who performed an earlier intervention this year).

The dog carries a tag identifying it as being from Moab, Utah.  If you know anything about this lost female canine, which appears to be a wire-haired pointer/retriever, please let us know.

Afternoon Update:  We're happy to report that as a result of our morning posting, Ugnes has been returned to her owner, Chad Beyer, who earlier this month moved from Utah to Madison Park with his German Wirehaired Pointer. Ugnes, whose name we understand is Lithuanian for "fire", is apparently able to perform escapes using each of these tricks: jumping an invisible fence, unlocking and opening a sliding door, and removing an insert from a dog door.  This was not Ugnes' first escape since arriving in the neighborhood.

For Ugnes' safe return, Chad can thank Wendy Skerritt and her daughters who took the dog in and alerted the neighborhood.  After seeing the story on the blog, Shirley Wilson (who has her own wire hair dog) recognized Ugnes from the photo and made the connection.

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