Friday, December 23, 2011

Vandals strike again

In what was more likely a wanton act of destruction than any kind of political statement, a person or persons unknown broke both of the plate glass windows at Spa Jolie last night---and for good measure broke a window in the vacant space adjacent to the spa as well. This is the building, owned by Constance Gillespie, that was vandalized in the same manner earlier this year.

The structure's middle space, unoccupied for years, is once again open to the elements, though with some plastic sheeting now standing in for one of the two replacement windows that had been installed this summer. The Spa Jolie space was being fitted this afternoon for temporarily plywood coverings.  Patrons getting manicures, pedicures and other personal services at the salon did not seem unduly concerned by the commotion or the cold air blowing temporarily through the storefront.  It is, after all, critical to look good for the holidays!

[Spa Jolie is located at 4114 E. Madison Street.]

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