Monday, January 30, 2012

Wells Fargo branch vandalized

Part of a pattern?

It was almost three months ago that the Madison Park Bank of America branch was struck by an arsonist.  In that incident, there was apparently no message left by the perpetrator, so it was unclear if the act was political, simple vandalism, or a botched attempt at extracting money from a cash machine.  In today's incident at the Madison Park Wells Fargo branch, the vandalism is perhaps a bit more straightforward.

According to KIRO-TV, which reported the story this morning, vandals smashed a window at the bank and left graffiti reading "No banks, No cops" and "Occupy! Oakland!".  Also spray painted on the building, KIRO reported, was an anarchy symbol.

The vandalism occurred on Sunday night or early Monday morning and, according to the Seattle Police blog, the damage was discovered by the Wells Fargo branch manager upon arrival this morning.  The graffiti was on the building's exterior doors, and the smashed window was near the doors.  The graffiti had been removed and the window repaired well before we arrived on the scene. The Stranger got there ahead of us (we hate it when that happens) and posted some shots of the actual damage, which can be found here. (We have a fairly strict policy of not stealing photos from other news sites.)

The police are requesting help from the public in tracking down the suspect(s).  Those with information are asked to call 911, the police blog noting that "anonymous tips are welcome."

[The Madison Park branch of Wells Fargo is located at 4009 E. Madison Street. Thanks to KIRO-TV photographer Jim Waltz for cluing us in to this story.]

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  1. Sad. This was my bank when I was a kid, when it was still University Federal Savings & Loan. If I recall correctly, they first got taken over by First Interstate, and then First Interstate was gobbled up by Wells Fargo.

    As it happened, I moved out of the neighborhood right around the same time First Interstate came in, so I took the opportunity to leave the bank. Served me well for years, though. Good times going there with my father as a kid. They always had coffee for the adults and things for the kids. And — I'm not imagining it, am I? — a real fireplace.

    Ah well.


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