Thursday, February 23, 2012

Anti-520 group appeals for funds

Coincidental with the email notice from WSDOT regarding the upcoming weekend floating-bridge closure came this email yesterday from the Coalition for a Sustainable SR 520:

"This summer, the state plans to start building the much bigger, wider 520 bridge. The planned oversized, wasteful, harmful expansion is not needed, now that tolls have made traffic flow freely.  Instead, the state needs a much cheaper safety retrofit of four lanes. 

The Coalition for a Sustainable SR 520, representing all the communities adjacent to SR 520, has filed a lawsuit in federal court, to be heard on July 13 by Judge Ricardo Martinez.

We have strong evidence that the State’s plan violates at least five laws, ranging from the federal Environmental Protection Act to the State’s own requirement for a cost-benefit analysis. But without additional funds in our war chest, we will be unable to flesh out all of our compelling arguments in court. We simply won’t be able to afford the legal work required to make our best case. Without additional contributions from our supporters, we’ll have to cut some of our most promising claims."

Information on methods for donating to the cause is available on the Coalition's website.

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