Thursday, May 10, 2012

More Art in the Park

What would you do if you were lucky enough to have a bunch of talented artist friends, the kind who might be willing to lend you their art?  Well, if you're Madison Park resident April Pride, you'd borrow as much as would fit into your house, get the artists to hang their works on your walls, and invite everyone in the neighborhood to enjoy it along with you. And that's exactly what April's doing this Saturday, hosting an event in her home that's something of a cross between a gallery opening and house party. She's calling the occasion "he/art" (as in "home is where you hang your heart").  And we're all invited.

As regular readers of this blog well know, we're big fans of Art in the Park, so we have no hesitation in suggesting that Madison Park art lovers should take advantage of this opportunity to see works by Seattle-based artists Jen Ament, J.P. Canlis, Jules Frazier and Irene Wood (those are two of Jules Frazier's pieces shown above and one by Canlis below).  Pride, who with this show is celebrating eight years of living in Seattle, holds a Master of Arts from the Parsons School of Design and is, among many other things, an entrepreneur, interior designer, and blogger!

Here's how April describes her raison d'etre for this neighborhood show: "I have a personal relationship with each of these artists. Recently, I had a Eureka! moment and was inspired to bring them together and install in my home. The idea being that art is rarely seen as it will ultimately be presented (similar to clothes on a mannequin) and the white walls of a gallery can often intimidate a first-time art buyer."  Intimidation should not be a problem in April's Washington Park home, which is located at 1214 42nd Avenue E.

Golden Arboretum by Irene Wood

The doors open at 5 pm, Saturday May 12, and the open house continues until 9 pm. Food is by Dante's Inferno.  And, by the way, the art is for sale.

See you there!

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