Sunday, June 17, 2012

Serial vandalism?

Constance Gillespie's building is hit again

For the third time in less than a year a person or persons unknown have vandalized the infamous and increasingly decrepit building at the heart of the business district which is owned by Constance Gillespie (4118 E. Madison St.).  Overnight, the plate-glass window in one of the structure's two vacant retail spaces was bashed in, leaving a gaping hole in the window itself and glass debris littering the shop floor.  Unlike the past incidents, which occurred in August and December last year, this act of vandalism did not result in dangerous glass shards on the sidewalk.  Nevertheless, the police officer investigating the incident requested that the fire department secure the building and prevent injury to passersby.  That mission is what prompted the arrival of SFD's Ladder Company 10 from Capitol Hill late this morning.

We are not the only observers detecting a pattern in these three crimes. The investigating police officer told us that the person who reported the incident had also speculated that this crime might be for the purpose of sending some kind of message to the building's landlord.  For several years she has failed to fully tenant the building or make repairs unless forced to do so. After the act of vandalism last summer, Gillespie was ordered by the City to fix the damage so that there would no danger to those using the sidewalk.  In this incident, the fire department's taping of the window might be sufficient to remove any danger to passersby.  In which case, the building has now become even more of an eyesore than previously.


  1. I certainly am not shedding any tears about this third incident. This weird landlord has neglected her building and her civic responsibility to Madison Park. The soon someone else owns the building the better. Maybe at some point hopefully before there is significant damage done, she will get the message and sell it to someone more responsible.

  2. The police also found it necessary to call in a medical evac helicopter, the national guard and a radiation contamination thread assessment team. Boy will the vandals ever be sorry if the bill for total damage to the taxpayer caused by them will be presented...

    When will we ever cease to overreact by about 10500% to small incidents?!

    1. You seem to be leaping at the opportunity to twist this story into an attack on governmental services with sarcastic, untrue statements with a dismissive tone. This is more than a little off topic, maybe even obsessive. The basic issue is neglect on the part of the landlord, a clear example where an outside, civic response is needed.
      Would you prefer to pay no taxes and have no police responses to the destruction of property? Maybe you could supply the blog with your address in case people want to throw a brick through your window, once you promise not to call the cops?

  3. I certainly agree with the first comment. She is neglecting her civic responsibility and harming all other businesses in the neighborhood.

  4. Legit question: doesn't Seattle have anti-blight laws?

  5. Hmmmm. I would feel comfortable with the idea that the first comment maker, or one of their brand, is the prime suspect. She's not going to sell and is of the personality that the more you push her, the less likely she is to act. I know it's hard to accept when money can't solve a problem, but it can't this one. Madison Park is still in america.

    I would not be encouraging this kind of behavior in any way, because what she does do to secure the property is well above the minimum standards (think chain link, plywood, graffiti and concert posters).

    It's ironic that you talk about civic responsibility while supporting this kind of behavior. If you haven't looked around recently, Madison Park businesses are increasingly the targets of directed, intentional vandalism, and that is not something to be supported for ANY reason.

    Shame on you.

  6. Speaking of VANDALISM, where did the "crossing flags" on E. Madison go, all but a very few just disappeared last week?

    Was this meant as a prank or another act of vandalism. These flags are for all to use so they can cross streets safely and loss hurts the old and young most!

    These flags were paid for by a donation from Key Bank, so who will step up an replace these flags?


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