Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Floating bridge opponents lose court case

Process not "arbitrary, capricious nor an abuse of discretion"

A Federal district judge today threw out the court case brought by the Coalition for a Sustainable 520 to force design changes to the floating bridge project. The Washington State Department of Transportation wasted no time this evening in distributing its press release which, while avoiding triumphalist overtones, nevertheless makes the point that as far as the State is concerned it's full speed ahead.

State Transportation Secretary Paula Hammond is quoted as follows: “Our analysis was thorough and exhaustive, and we hope that the ruling by Judge Martinez puts an end to the debate about mobility improvements to this vital corridor.  With the court’s decision, WSDOT can continue with construction of SR 520 improvements as planned and funded."  No mention, however, of the fact that the project, though certainly planned, is only partially funded at this point.

The Coalition, meanwhile, is mum on the issue of whether there will be an appeal of the court's decision. Coalition director Fran Conley tells us that she won't have any comment until she has time to absorb the decision--adding, however, that the decision is "disappointing" and the project itself is "still fiscally irresponsible and is still too damaging to the area."

The full court ruling has been published on line by WSDOT and is available here. The quote in the subheader above comes from Judge Ricardo S. Martinez's ruling on the matter.

[July bridge construction photo courtesy of  WSDOT.]


  1. Welcome to the one-party government rule. Nothing like state planning with someone else's money, ours not theirs. On top of that, add the new stadium for a basketball team that doesn't exist (but that we'll be asked to buy, eventually), maybe even a hockey team. There is also a tunnel and ocean front project of dubious conclusion and funding. The bridge to no where is here, times three.

  2. Reminds me of advertising slogans of days gone bye-bye: instead of it being "the Cadillac of bridges," at this moment the New State Route 520 Floater & Sinker Bridge over Lake Wash. is "the Tucker* of bridges" since as of today, there's no money to complete the thing.

    How 'bout refurbishing another Tucker-like turkey (though oh-so beautiful, as is the Tucker), Ye Olde Kalakula to ferry traffic to and from the Montlake Bridges to Nowhere to/fro the New/Nuevo/Newbie-SR520. The N/N/N/-SR520 will start & end at the new SR 520 bridge structure. Or maybe the current construction cranes can be leased awhiile longer to hoist cars up to the new bridge.

    Best "amusement" ride in the nation.

    If that option commences, I'm investigating if I can get the Depends under garments' exclusive sponsorship & $1-off coupons inserted in Good to Go monthly bills.

    * For those unfamiliar with the late '40s Tucker automobile, Google it or rent the movie w/ Jeff Bridges in it. I believe it is titled as "Tucker." Seems like a similar "job."
    ** Ah, yes, the Kalakula; another Tucker-like turkey (though oh-so beautiful, as was the Tucker). Though the Kalakula's dimensions weren't ill-conceived for the pre-WWII cars, those post-WWII Humongomobiles wouldn't easily fit in the Kalakula. The ferry's engineers later went on to design parking garages for Trader Joe's (not really; I truly love the Kalakula, contributed $ in the past and am saddened it hasn't found a home and refurbishment).


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