Thursday, July 19, 2012

So which looks better?


...or this?

The temporary fence came down today; and whatever you call it, Swingset Park, Dogrun Park, or the official name, Madison Park-North Beach, this neighborhood amenity on the Lake has certainly been transformed. We leave it to you to decide whether the removal of the old fence and its attendant blackberry bushes was a good policy move by the Parks people or not.  But in terms of aesthetics?

We understand that crews will be out soon to mow the grass along the line where the temporary fence was positioned. After that it's just a matter of watching the new plantings maturing---and getting used to the new view.


  1. My sentiment exactly ... fantastic. One less fence and a beautiful fresh view.

  2. Hurray! Time to go enjoy!

  3. I nominate "Nomad Beach" (North Madison condensed)


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