Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Another business sidelined

Quite frankly, we have written too many postings in the past year about local businesses falling by the wayside.  So when the sign went into the window a couple weeks ago stating that Park Place Deli was "temporarily" closed, we took the hopeful view that this was really not the end---and therefore not a story. Over the Labor Day holiday, however, a new sign appeared (as many blog readers quickly pointed out) and the message suddenly became clear that if the Deli is going to survive as a Madison Park business, it will not be under the current ownership.  "The Park Place Deli is permanently closed" the sign reads, with contact information conveniently provided in case anyone is interested in buying the operation. "Thank you for these past years of business and kindness."

As we reported in March, owner John McCormick was attempting to turn the deli around after it had developed a reputation among some in the neighborhood as being "just too weird."  There were personnel issues, among other things, that made the business a bit precarious.  McCormick, writing a response to our posting on this blog, admitted that he had acted inappropriately on occasion and was embarrassed by his behavior.  He apologized to the neighborhood, vowing to return the deli to the family-friendly place that it had once been.  Now that quest has ended, and we understand that family members are attempting to arrange a sale.

[Park Place Deli is located at 4122 E. Madison Street.]


  1. That's too bad, it was a great asset to the community to have an affordable place for lunch. Hopefully someone will take it over soon (and it won't turn into yet another bank.).

  2. Now I am dying to know for what embarrassing inappropriate behavior does he apologize.

    1. just click the blue link "we reported" in the last paragraph for the history. And don't be so nosy.


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